12 Trunk-Or-Treat Ideas You Can Create Seriously Fast (2024)

12 Trunk-Or-Treat Ideas You Can Create Seriously Fast (1)

It’s Halloween-time! Time for costumes and candy and spooky thrills!

It’s also time to get your trunk decorating on! And this year, we’re not just going to set a bowl of candy somewhere in the dark depths of our car.

We’re going to not only clean out all the loose coats, gas cans, and old socks; we’re going to add a few themed accents to BLOW THOSE KIDS AWAY.

To begin, set your kids at Start and draw a double green card to skip right up to this Candyland car.

You’re giving out candy anyway, right? It all fits so nicely, and the kiddos will immediately recognize a beloved board game.

12 Trunk-Or-Treat Ideas You Can Create Seriously Fast (2)

Here’s another great idea that really doesn’t take that much preparation: The Cat Car!

The whiskers are duct-taped insulation tubes from the hardware store. The teeth were cut from posterboard and also secured with duct tape (it’s great stuff!).

It’s difficult to tell from the picture, but the green eyes are spray-painted push lights.

12 Trunk-Or-Treat Ideas You Can Create Seriously Fast (3)

“Welcome to Trunkdonald’s. May I take your order?”

No matter your vehicle, this cardboard drive-thru can be set up just the way you like it. Or… maybe you’ll be lovin’ it.

Want a bonus idea? Serve those horrible gummy hamburger and fries candies.

12 Trunk-Or-Treat Ideas You Can Create Seriously Fast (4)

When we had one of those hatchback cars, I felt like we were limited in our decorating options.

I wish I’d seen this gumball machine. Look at the cute gum balloons, the key, and even the quarter.

And, of course, you’d hand out Dubble Bubbles.

12 Trunk-Or-Treat Ideas You Can Create Seriously Fast (5)

C is for …car trunk. That’s good enough for me, especially if it’s also for candy.

This one will need some extra cardboard, plus a trunkload of blue tissue paper. I love how this picture made the tissue all fluffy, like Cookie Monster‘s fur.

Don’t forget the crazy eyes on top, plus “cookie” accents. It’s up to you, but I’ll bet children coming here will expect a certain round dessert to be given as well.

12 Trunk-Or-Treat Ideas You Can Create Seriously Fast (6)

*Cue arcade music* Bleep bloop bleep bleep.. oh, you need English.

Visitors will feel they’ve hit a bonus level when they navigate up to ourPac-Man trunk.

Go ahead and dress up in those sandwich-style costumes, but I’ll bet a few ghosts taped by a pretend screen will give them the picture.

Light it all up with flashing LEDs and throw out a few cherry candies.

12 Trunk-Or-Treat Ideas You Can Create Seriously Fast (7)

Have you ever looked at the lights of a car, and seen a face? I mean -before you saw the movie Cars.

Run with that idea to piece together a full-on Muppet head.

You don’t even have to stick with Dr. Teeth, though his smiledoes work well with that Altima.

12 Trunk-Or-Treat Ideas You Can Create Seriously Fast (8)

Speaking of teeth, and church trunk-or-treats, what better idea than Jonah and the Whale?

Crack out some fins and teeth, and attach them with our good friend, duct tape.

Definitely don’t forget to throw Jonah off the boat and into the opening. He could parcel out Swedish fish.

12 Trunk-Or-Treat Ideas You Can Create Seriously Fast (9)

Hey! What are those guys doing with those priceless artifacts? They belong in a museum!

That dad certainly shouldn’t be handing things out to anyone who approaches, even if hedoes know how to handle that whip.

As a side note, which of those two is the original Indiana Jones, and which is Junior?

12 Trunk-Or-Treat Ideas You Can Create Seriously Fast (10)

My children have been listening to alot of Halloween music lately. Unfortunately, there are only so many songs of that genre.

As such, I heard “This is Halloween” a few dozen times.

The good news is that they’ll be game to put together this simple layout. I can make a background and a Zero, then drape lights on an old Christmas tree and amongst old cotton filling.

The Nightmare Before Christmas has never been sweeter.

12 Trunk-Or-Treat Ideas You Can Create Seriously Fast (11)

If you have children with computer access, you are probably beyond sick of a certain game involving mining and crafting.

If there isonegood thing about Minecraft, however, it is that the entire game is blocky. This means you can make its components using leftover cardboard boxes and paint.

So, drape some brown cloth in the back and add a Creeper, a pig, or some pumpkins.

12 Trunk-Or-Treat Ideas You Can Create Seriously Fast (12)

Or, use those boxes and a metallic curtain to create a portal to The Nether -“The Nether” being your open trunk with candy inside.

12 Trunk-Or-Treat Ideas You Can Create Seriously Fast (13)

I don’t think I’m done with teeth yet. It’s just such an easy thing to think when viewing the open back of a car.

So, for my final and simplest idea, please consider The Mouth.

You can pull this all together with poster board for the teeth and an old plastic tablecloth for the tongue.

12 Trunk-Or-Treat Ideas You Can Create Seriously Fast (14)
12 Trunk-Or-Treat Ideas You Can Create Seriously Fast (2024)


How do you throw a successful trunk or treat? ›

Having enough cars participating and handing out candy is another thing that is crucial for the success for Trunk or Treat. An easy way to get a “head count” is to set up an Evite or Google form to collect RSVPs. List one response option for decorating and passing out candy and another for collecting candy.

What is the concept of trunk or treat? ›

Trunk-or-treating is an alternative to trick-or-treating, in which parents and guardians gather their vehicles in one spot, typically a parking lot, open their trunks and give out candy as children walk from car to car.

What do you put in a vampire trunk or treat? ›

Vampire Trunk or Treat

Use dark and dramatic colors like black, red. Hang vampire-themed decorations, such as bats and vampire teeth, from your trunk. Add a touch of eerie elegance with faux cobwebs and candlelit lanterns.

What are good trunk party gifts? ›

  • Toiletries. · Shampoo (such as Shea Moisture) · Body wash. · ...
  • Personal accessories. · Hair dryers. · Handheld mirror. · ...
  • Cleaning supplies. · Laundry detergent. · Fabric softener. · ...
  • Linens. · Towels. · Washcloths. · ...
  • Room Items. · Trash can. · Trash bags. · ...
  • School Supplies. · 5 subject college ruled notebooks. · Stapler. ·

What is a sensory friendly trunk or treat? ›

RISE's Trunk or Treat facilitates a lower sensory demand on guests by providing an environment with no harsh lights nor sounds.

What items are needed for a trunk or-treat? ›

Purchase items to be handed out to Trunk or Treaters in addition to treats, such as Pencils, Halloween Bags, Bracelets, Stickers, and Balloons. Set up a trunk or booth to distribute these items. Consider having a competition for “Best Trunk” and determine what the prize will be.

Why are people doing trunk or-treat? ›

The origins of trunk-or-treat appear to be church groups in the 1990s, who planned these festivals to provide an alternative to trick-or-treating on Halloween. Gradually, it caught on with other groups, who often planned these events for other days in the lead-up to Halloween.

What is an example of a trunk? ›

tree A trunk is the thick stem of a tree. The branches and roots grow from the trunk. elephant An elephant's trunk is its long nose. Elephants use their trunks to suck up water and to lift things.

How to decorate like a vampire? ›

Color Scheme: Stick to dark and moody colors like deep reds, purples, blacks, and dark browns. These colors evoke the feeling of mystery and darkness associated with vampire lore.

What is in a vampire killing kit? ›

t. In 2012 the museum acquired this vampire killing kit. The kit includes a crucifix, stakes, a mallet, rosary, a prayer book, and a pistol along with this note bearing the handwritten psalm: “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them bring hither, and slay them before me”.

How do you feed vampirism? ›

The easiest way is to pickpocket sleeping NPCs. The game will give players a prompt to feed, and the characters will be none the wiser. Another way to feed is to attack people as a Vampire Lord. Once enemies are close to death, a power attack will lead to a feeding.

How do you throw a trunk show? ›

Here are some tips for having a fabulous and profitable trunk show.
  1. Choose the Perfect Vendor to Work With. ...
  2. Plan the Best Time for the Event. ...
  3. Get Everything in Writing. ...
  4. Promote, Promote, Promote. ...
  5. Truly Make it an Exciting Event. ...
  6. Price Appropriately. ...
  7. Follow Up for Success.

How do you give a trunk party? ›

12 Fun Trunk Party Ideas To Impress Your Guests (2024)
  1. Find an awesome spot to host a trunk party on Peerspace. ...
  2. Make a gift registry to ensure your kid gets what they need. ...
  3. Customize your invitations to charm your invitees. ...
  4. Decorate your party space to the nines. ...
  5. Send them off with a home-cooked meal. ...
  6. 6. …

How to plan a trunk or treat at church? ›

Trunk or Treat Planning for Churches: A Step-by-Step Guide
  1. choosing your trunk or treat theme.
  2. creating appropriate decorations.
  3. selecting the best candy for your participants.
  4. promotion strategies to ensure a high turnout.
  5. activity ideas for maximum fun for all attendees.
Aug 22, 2023

Do you bring candy to a trunk or treat? ›

Many organizations now offer trunk-or-treating events as a safer, less-spooky alternative to traditional trick-or-treating. During this event, adult members of the organization decorate the trunks of their vehicles in Halloween-themed decor and pass out candy or other goodies to the children in their community.

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