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This Fluffy Pancake recipe is seriously the BEST! Light and fluffy American pancakes without buttermilk! You need just a few simple ingredients and 20 minutes to make these amazing thick and fluffy pancakes at home. They are perfect for breakfast brunch!
I included lots of tips and they will help you to learn how to make the best fluffy pancakes you’ve ever had in your life! Have a look also at Buttermilk pancakes if you have some buttermilk in the fridge.



It is a tradition in our family to start every weekend with delicious pancakes. Sometime I even double ingredients and make a pancake lasagna with a healthy date syrup for breakfast. It is absolutely delicious!
You will love everything about these pancakes. They are so fluffy and thick, but also soft. Be careful! They are so addictive! Once you try them, you will make them every weekend.


How to Make Best Fluffy Pancakes

The secret of fluffy fluffy pancakes is the batter. If the pancake batter is runny, pancakes will spread out in the pan and won’t fluff up. On the other hand, if the batter is too thick, you are most likely will end with undercooked pancakes.

Perfect Pancake Batter Consistency

To check the consistency of the batter, do the test with a spoon. Simply spoon some batter and pour it into the bowl. The batter should be THICK but be able to run off the spoon slowly.
Many people asked me how to mix pancake batter without lumps. Guys, some lumps are fine! But to avoid them, make sure you sift your flour. Also don’t use a spoon for mixing. I highly recommend to resort to a wire whisk to get a smooth pancake batter.
Another key to smooth texture is the temperature of your ingredients. Bring them to room temperature before adding to the batter.


How to Make Perfect Pancakes

It is actually a 3 step easy process.

  • First, mix all dry ingredients: all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt.
  • Combine wet ingredients with dry ones.
  • Cook pancakes using a non-stick pan.


How to Cook Pancakes

Preheat a non-stick pan/ griddle over medium heat. Spill little water onto the pan to check if the surface is hot. The water will sizzle once it is ready. Reduce the heat to low-medium. Spray the pan with a non-stick spray or lightly grease with some butter. Remove excess butter with a paper towel.
Pour ¼ cup of batter into the pan (use a measuring spoon or cup to get pancakes of the same size).
Cook pancakes.


Cook pancakes until you see that bubbles start forming and popping on the surface, it means they are ready to flip. Flip using a spatula or a fork. The whole process takes about 1-2 minutes.



The best tool for flipping pancakes perfectly is a large spatula. If you don’t have any, but you love pancakes and you cook them frequently, I highly recommend to purchase one. Ideally it should be big enough to cover most of the pancake. Flip when you see bubbles popping not only around the sides but throughout the pancake.

Try also Russian Syrniki ( Cottage Cheese pancakes), Gluten Free Buckwheat Pancakes, Chinese Scallion pancakes, Dorayaki pancake recipe, Blini or crepe for breakfast! Yum!!


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  • Author: chefjar
  • Total Time: 25 minutes
  • Yield: 12
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This Fluffy Pancake recipe is seriously the BEST! Light and fluffy American pancakes without buttermilk! You need just a few simple ingredients and 20 minutes to make these amazing thick and fluffy pancakes at home. They are perfect for breakfast brunch!


  • All purpose flour- 2 cups ( 10 oz/ 290 g)
  • White sugar- ¼ cup ( 2 oz/ 60 g)
  • Baking Powder- 4 tsp.
  • Baking Soda- ¼ tsp.
  • Salt-½ tsp.
  • Butter-¼ cup (2 oz/60 g)
  • Milk (room temperature) -1 ¾ cup ( 440 ml)
  • Vanilla extract-1 tbsp.
  • Large egg- 1 or 2 small eggs


  • In a large bowl combine the all-purpose flour, white sugar, baking powder, salt and baking soda.
  • Create a well in the centre and add the melted butter (cooled), milk, eggs and vanilla extract. Then mix until well combined and smooth.
  • If the batter is too thick, stir in a few tablespoons of milk into the batter. Keep aside while you are heating up your non stick pan.
  • Heat a non stick pan over medium heat and grease it lightly with some butter. Pour ¼ cup of batter onto the hot pan.
  • When the bubbles form on the surface and start popping, gently flip the pancake over and cook until golden. Repeat with the remaining pancake batter.
  • Top with butter, honey, maple syrup or ice cream. Enjoy them with horchata or homemade almond milk!


  • Prep Time: 5 min
  • Cook Time: 20 min
  • Category: Pancake recipes
  • Cuisine: American


  • Calories: 156 kcal
  • Sodium: 152 mg
  • Fat: 5 g
  • Saturated Fat: 3 g
  • Carbohydrates: 22 g
  • Cholesterol: 27 mg

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What is the secret to making fluffy pancakes? ›

The secret is in the egg whites!

Yep, egg whites are THE determining factor here. To give your pancakes that fluffy text, beat only the egg whites for 3 minutes on medium speed. They'll start turning creamy, which means it's time to add them to the pancake mixture.

Why are restaurant pancakes so fluffy? ›

Many restaurants use buttermilk instead of dairy or plant-based milk when making pancakes, which changes the interaction of the ingredients before and during cooking — leading to a fluffier, more texturally satisfying, and tastier result.

What is the best oil for fluffy pancakes? ›

Using extra virgin olive oil in place of the melted butter in this recipe adds moisture in addition to flavor, resulting in a light and fluffy pancake that's perfectly tender and moist, not dry or doughy in the least.

What ingredient in a basic made from scratch pancake batter makes pancakes fluffy? ›

You likely already have everything you need to make this pancake recipe. If not, here's what to add to your grocery list: Flour: This homemade pancake recipe starts with all-purpose flour. Baking powder: Baking powder, a leavener, is the secret to fluffy pancakes.

Does adding more baking powder make pancakes fluffier? ›

Top tips for fluffy pancakes

Don't be tempted to add more than the recipe suggests, as too much baking powder will make pancakes taste soapy. Alternatively, you could use self-raising flour, which will add to the amount of raising agent in the recipe and potentially make your pancakes fluffier.

Why do IHOP pancakes taste better? ›

While the griddles themselves likely vary from one diner chain to the next, diners are pretty much all working with a waffle iron or griddle that's already hot. IHOP, for instance, requires its pans to be heated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and uses Crisco instead of butter to grease it, says Grimm.

Why do restaurant pancakes taste better than homemade? ›

Restaurants use better quality ingredients

However, along with that ease, you may be taking a hit in the overall taste department. Restaurants tend to use real, farm-fresh eggs and real milk when making their pancakes, which as you might guess, adds to a richer, higher-quality eating experience.

Why are my pancakes dense and not fluffy? ›

Too-Thick Pancakes

Dense pancakes, this is different than thick and fluffy, happen because the flour was improperly measured and the batter has too much flour. When the pancake batter is too thick without enough baking powder to help it “lift” you will have dense, thick pancakes as the outcome.

How do you keep fluffy pancakes from deflating? ›

Flip the pancakes gently

Here is a simple technique that could ultimately save your pancakes from deflating: flipping them gently. This method might take some practice and focus at first, but once you have it down, you'll be thankful you learned it.

What is the best temperature for fluffy pancakes? ›

The ideal temperature for cooking pancakes

Either way, it's obvious that delicious pancakes require an ideal griddle temperature (and a little bit of patience) to get that nice, fluffy texture. Simply put: the best temperature for cooking pancakes is 375°F on a griddle or medium to medium high heat on the stove.

How does Gordon Ramsay make pancake MiX? ›

Gordon Ramsay's recipe

You will need 2 eggs, separated, 2 tbsp sugar, ½ tsp salt, 2 tsp baking powder, 60g vegetable oil, 300g buttermilk, 160g plain flour, and 1 tsp vanilla essence. Whisk the egg whites “*ntil foamy”. MiX all the other ingredients in a second bowl, then fold in the egg whites.

What makes pancakes fluffy baking powder or baking soda? ›

Baking powder, like baking soda, is a chemical leavening agent made with sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda) plus a weak acid, such as potassium bitartrate. Baking soda is essential for baked goods, but baking powder is really what makes pancakes and biscuits rise and become so super fluffy.

What substance makes batter fluffy? ›

Baking Soda

It's used to chemically leaven doughs and batters when it is mixed with an acid. Combining baking soda with an acid produces a chemical reaction that releases carbon dioxide gas which causes the food to expand and become fluffy. Think about light and airy pancakes. That's the baking soda at work.

Why do you put milk instead of water in pancakes? ›

Pancake lovers' biggest complaint when adding water instead of milk is that the flavor seems to change. Pancakes aren't as richly flavored with water. There are a few ways to improve your batter when you've used water, including: Add extra butter.

What does adding more milk to pancakes do? ›

If you want your pancakes to be thicker, you can add more milk. If you want your pancakes to be thinner, you can add less milk. You can also add buttermilk or yogurt to your pancake mix for a richer flavor.

What gas gets trapped inside the pancakes to make them fluffy? ›

When you mix flour with eggs and liquid, the gluten molecules get more flexible and bind to each other to form networks, or nets. These nets trap the air from the carbon dioxide gas, causing the pancake to lift and have a chewable texture.

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